DELL E7240 E7440 Docking Station

DELL E7240 E7440 Docking Station

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Make the most of your  workspace with a TFT Monitor Stand. Easily adjust the height and position of your monitors to a comfortable, ergonomically appropriate position.

  • Supplied as a complete kit including 130W AC adapter and UK Power Cable.
  • Supports Single or Dual External Monitors

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DELL E7240 E7440 Docking Station

The DELL E7240 E7440 Docking station for the Latitude E Series will ensure you make the most of your workspace with this DELL E-Port. Allows you to connect your E Series Latitude with a simple cable solution, keyboard and mouse, whilst also being able to output to one or two external flat panel monitors. A single interface on the base of your notebook docks with the top or the E-Port providing a simple plug and play connection saving you the task of having to plug and un-plug all of your external devices. Often used in conjunction with a DELL Simple or TFT Monitor Stand for a complete hot desking solution.

This Latest version will also support USB 3.0 technology.

Volume discounts are available on this model.



  • This E-Port Plus Port Replicator gives you an organised work space where you can plug a keyboard, mouse and monitor to the port replicators and simply use your laptop like a desktop PC! Greatly simplified connectivity provides a single docking interface to connect to your printer,  TFT monitor or other peripheral devices.
  • Supplied as a complete kit, including 130W AC adapter and UK Power Cable.
  • Supports Single or Dual External Monitors, 2x DVI and Displayport 1.2
  • Can be combined with the DELL Monitor stand solutions e.g. Basic Monitor, TFT or E-View Stands


Compatible with:

  • Latitude E6500 / E4400 / E6400 / E5400 / E5500 / E4300 / E4200
  • Latitude E6510 / E4410 / E6410 / E5410 / E5510 / E4310 / E4210
  • Latitude E6520 / E6420 / E6320/ E6220 / E5420 / E5520
  • Latitude E6530 / E6430/ E6430S / E6330 / E6320 / E5430 / E5530
  • Latitude E6540 / E6440 / E7440 / E7240 / E5440 / E5540
  • Latitude E6400ATG / E6410ATG / E6420ATg / E6430ATG
  • Precision M2400 / M4400 / M4600 / M4700 / M4800 / M6600 / M6700 / M6800
  • Latitude E7240, E7250, E7440, E7450


Manufacturer Part : | Dell Part : 452-11421, 2W7T4, 42DTX

Inputs: 4x USB 2.0, 1x USB3.0, VGA, 2x DVI-D, 2x Display Port, Serial, Parallel, 2x PS/2, RJ45, Audio, MIC, Lock Slot, E-Monitor Stand Connector.

Power Supply: 130Watt External AC adapter (Included)

Width: 28.8 cm

Depth: 17 cm

Height: 5.37 cm

Weight: 1.05 kg


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