Lenovo 65W AC Adapter 45N0179 20V

////Lenovo 65W AC Adapter 45N0179 20V

Lenovo 65W AC Adapter 45N0179 20V

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Power your laptop with an original  65Watt AC Adapter from LENOVO

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Lenovo 65W AC Adapter 45N0179 20V

Power your LENOVO laptop with an original 65W AC Adapter. Be Safe and assured using only original EU certified electrical products. The Thinkpad AC adapters are now more

compact and energy efficient, backed by a 1 year warranty. The 65W 45N0179 is compatible with all Lenovo Products requiring the Barrel tip connector (see Gallery). Not compatible with the latest slim (square) tip versions. Includes UK Cable with EU or US cables being available upon request.

Type AC: Adapter
Output: 65Watts
20V , 3.25 Amps
Connector: Barrel Tip
Input 100-240V AC 50-60Hz
UK 3 Pin Power Cable Included
1 Year Warranty
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Lenovo Thinkpad Series

B480, B490, B580, B590, M490

Thinkpad Edge: 530c, E330, E330-01, E330-02, E330-03, E330-04, E330-05, E330-06, E330-07, E330-08, E330-09, E330-10, E330-11, E330-12, E330-13, E330-14, 335, E430, E430c, E530, E530c

ThinkPad: L330, L330-01, L330-02, L330-03, L330-04, L330-05, L330-06, L330-07, L330-08, L330-09, L430, S230u, S430, SL510, SL510 2847, T420, T420i, T430u, X1 Carbon, X131e, X140e-01, X140e-02, X140e-03, X140e-04, X140e-05, X140e-06

ThinkPad: X140e-07, X140e-08

V480, V480c, V480s, V490u, V490u 001, V490u 002, V490u 003, V490u 004, V490u 005,
V490u 006, V490u 007, V490u 008, V490u 009, V490u 010, V490u 011, V490u 012, V490u 013
V490u 014, V490u 015, V490u 016, V490u 017, V580, V580c
All Current Thinkpads requiring the 65WBarrel Tip AC Adapter

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